The following are the ideologies and goals of four groups in the National Assembly of 1790 in France. It shows how each group wanted the wealth and privileges to be 'distributed' or 'drafted'. All groups wanted to adopt a constitution.


  • maintain Old Regime
  • expand the Old Regime to include the bourgeoisie
  • constitutional monarchy
  • adopt (draft) a constitution
  • men with land and status would be allowed to vote


  • imprison "enemies" of the Revolt
  • adopt a constitution
  • maintain monarch as a figure-head
  • expand wealth and privileges to the bourgeoisie


  • abolish the Old Regime
  • strip the wealth and privelages from all of the 2nd Estate
  • adopt a constitution
  • imprison and execute key ranks and positions of royalty (only of threats)


  • kill "enemies' of the Revolution
  • all men to be allowed to vote
  • draft and adopt constitution
  • EXECUTE ALL members of the 2nd estate starting immediate from the ROYALTY
  • ABOLISH completely the OLD REGIME

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